Greatest Corruptions:

2)King Lugalanda, whos legacy reaches all the way
into modern times...
a: Aleksander Čeferin The president of UEFA. Nuff said!
b: French police They tortured supporters, especially
the Liverpool ones.
c: Clement Turpin Referee of the Champions league final.
He should have added two or three more minutes.
d: Thibaut Courtois Wasted time in the above mentioned
final. And then he thinkes that he deserves respect.
e: French government Can obviously not handle the
local population in the capitol city Paris. And then the
frog eaters have the stomach to blame the Liverpool fans.
They should resign, and hand the control over to Bon.
f: Gianni Infantino President of FIFA. Nuff said.
g: UEFA The very definition of corruption.
h: Raúl Real Madrid "legend". He handed the
trophy to Real, should have given it to Liverpool.
i: The 7 fat men They are all a part of the
corrupt organisation UEFA.
j: Cmore experts Are not having any clue about
what football is.
k: David Alaba Tortured innocent chairs.
l: Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini & the Swiss court
Regardless of whether you have done something corrupt
or not, you should be convicted if you have been
chairman of UEFA/FIFA.
And this court-decision shows that you clearly can
pay as many and high bribes as you want.
m: FC Barcelona finances It is corrupt how they can
buy anyone they want but they still are broke.
It doesn't make sense!
n: Bruno Fernandes for the worst time wasting
the world has ever
o: Michael Oliver for not showing out Bruno F
while wasting time.
p: Joe Gomez; has he been bribed by Napoli?
or did he perform this for free?!?
4)Dan-Axel Zagadou; Source: the latest BVB games.
(I also want to add that the Rangers fans can see into the future.
They are obviously smart.)
5)Brentford fc not Being top placed team in PL. *)
6)Ukraine won the Eurovision 2022 just because they're at war.
I mean it doesn't help in anyway. If u really want to help
then donate money instead. The actual song was terrible
according to my (i.e. Mr. B) personal opinion and
I think Eurovision shouldn't be politicized.
7)Allowing children to use mobiles at restaurants.
8)Electric scooters on sidewalks. *)
9)Mothers eating up their childrens candy!
Uefa changing their draw after they "by mistake"
made the draw wrong. And that Chelsea by
"chance" got Lille drawn both times. Hmmm...
And that Liverpool went from meeting Salzburg,
to finaly meet Inter. Corrupt!
Parents going to bed later than their children,
despite that they are getting up earlier.
12)FIFA, and especially its dark prince Arsene Wenger
The new idea of Star Wars: it is easy, just revive
all of the dead characters, and then earn a lott
of many because of that shit! Disney is corrupt,
they are destroying Star Wars!
14)No one under 18 cleaning up dishes

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